About Us

After successfully recovering escheated funds owed to a number of family members and friends, Kaarel Hamersky began searching, on behalf of the bank where he was employed, for money owed to the company.  Because banks are often merged or bought, dedicated detective work was needed to thoroughly research, find and document all the monies that were owed.  His determination and persistence paid off…literally…for the bank.  And, in the process, Kaarel discovered he enjoyed the sleuthing involved in finding and recovering escheated funds.  So much so, that, in 2002, he founded Everest Enterprises to provide the same service for others.  Using innovative techniques gained through years of experience, Everest Enterprises digs deeply to locate escheated funds.  In fact, in some cases, Everest Enterprises has uncovered substantial amounts more for companies…even after the companies have conducted their own search.

Kaarel Hamersky – Owner

A native Los Angeleno, Escheat Recovery OwnerKaarel received his Masters in Finance from California State University, Northridge (CSUN).  Beginning in banking as an internal auditor, Kaarel is also experienced in other areas of the banking industry including fraud prevention and investigation.  When he’s not hunting down escheated funds, Kaarel pursues many interests ranging from Mt. Everest to Titanic to vintage trains.  An avid reader, runner and recreational traveler, Kaarel’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his family. 

With his wife Susan, Kaarel is also co-founder of California Concierge LLC, a personal concierge and lifestyle management service.  The Hamerskys live in a suburb of Los Angeles with two of their children.  Their daughter is a pilot in the U.S. Navy.

Mike Levine – Senior Account Executive

Mike received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University at Los Angeles.  Immediately following his college graduation, Mike began his banking career.  During his 27 years with Glendale Federal Bank, he held numerous operations positions.  His last position with the bank was reporting to the Chief Financial Officer while managing eleven departments in California and Florida.

He joined Everest Enterprises 13 years ago.  His main responsibility is to locate clients with substantial unclaimed funds, and to encourage them to become Everest Enterprises clients.   Several of his clients have now become his personal friends!  Mike is very proficient at locating unclaimed funds that are difficult for most companies to locate on their own.  As he likes to say, “he leaves no rocks unturned”.